Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Death Sentence & the Moussaoui Case

It is fitting that Mr. Moussaoui has been sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the 9/11 attacks.  There is no worst punishment than to have to live the rest of your natural life in solitary confinement without ever having human contact.  There are many people who don't agree and choose to favor the death penalty.  I must say that everyone who does might as well be a murderer.  This is because killing is morally wrong, regardless of who does it: another person or the state.  Murder is not mitigated when the circumstances show the victim is guilty or deserving of death.  It is still murder.  The only case where one can be exempt of being a murderer is when one kills in self defense.  Any other situation makes the killer a murderer.  And supporting the death penalty also deems one a murderer because doing so means one has already committed murder in one's heart and that is akin to having pulled the trigger oneself.  This argument could even be extented to include WAR, but I don't intend to write at lengh about that now.  I completely believe this to be correct and wish anyone who does not to challenge my thinking with a solid logical reason explaining why they disagree.

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Anonymous said...

The flaw in your argument is that regardless of how infinitesimally small the possibility of escape from prison may be, it does nevertheless exist and it has actually happened, even in maximum security penitentiaries. There are in fact documented cases of convicted murderers who have escaped and killed again, one as recent as June 2007.

Death by the state, if for no other reason, is a condonable action in that it effectively eliminates any possibility of the condemned individual repeating his or her crime and therefore the senseless loss of yet another innocent person. That is society protecting itself… I believe they call that self-defense.