Saturday, July 31, 2004


It is a bit intimidating to publish our innermost thoughts for anyone to read. Yet, it is also part of the human experience, to find out if anyone else out there thinks, feels or has a sense of fraternity with regards to what goes on within any one person. Will there be judgment? Might anyone use someone's thoughts as examples for others to learn what not to do, or think? These are the risks. There are also rewards in sharing with others. Loneliness is temporarily minimized. Others who think alike may be found. Ideas can develop. And a very important one is: something tangible is left behind. A unique contribution that can only be made by one individual. A treasure for humankind.
This is to me, the equivalent of publishing a book. It can be a training ground to develop a style for conveying what flows from my mind. Scary. But, I will fight this feeling because I know that I can grow and become a better person by sharing some thoughts, from the wealth of synapses that comprise my brain.