Monday, August 09, 2004

Plan of Attack

Click on the title to read about the book of the same title. This book talks about the inside story behind the Bush Administration, and how the planned the Iraq War. Nevermind Michael Moore. This story is told by an author APPROVED by Bush to document what was going on behind the scenes. This excerp is perfect for those who don't have time to read the book.

Click here to learn what the Patriot Act is

This is to further inform about the infamous Patriot Act. Read about it.

More about George Seldes

This man is an unrecognized National Hero. Moreover, he is a World Hero. Read about it and learn true world history.

Click here for: George Seldes and the Lying Press

Watch a short snippet about the life of George Seldes by clicking on the title of this comment.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Click Here to read article about US Jobs are going to India

Soon, American consumers won't be able to afford to buy the gadgets that big companies want to sell us at high prices, because these same companies are giving high paying jobs to people in India and other developing countries. We should give these companies a message letting them know that if they continue to give jobs outside the country, Americans will stop buying their products. These companies can sell their products to Indians who can now afford them!

Click Here for "Coping Mechanisms" article

Terrorism alert level...

The government just issued a higher alert level. We are now on level High or Orange. I am afraid this might lead to a suspension of the elections. I hope I'm wrong...

Singers Cheating

When we pay a considerable amount of money (as opposed to buying the CD) to listen to a singer live, I think we are cheated if and when a singer gets to the highest note of a song and lets the audience sing for him/her. Why doesn't anyone walk out and demand to get their money back? If a singer deems the song is too high, they can always transpose it to a lower key, so that they don't strain their voices and don't have to cheat the people who paid to see their performace either.

The new meaning of the word "Patriot" (Click here for article)

The patriot missile. The patriot act. Both of these put to shame the meaning of the word "patriot". It is not patriotic to mislead the government to get more money for the military. The patriot missile is a sham. The patriot act is another sham, this time, concocted by the government. It is incredible that we are not doing more about both of these issues and send the message that we are not going to be fooled anymore.

Abortion: Legal or a Crime?

If abortion is legal, then why is someone who murders a pregnant woman charged with 2 counts of murder? Isn't this a contradiction?

Saturday, July 31, 2004


It is a bit intimidating to publish our innermost thoughts for anyone to read. Yet, it is also part of the human experience, to find out if anyone else out there thinks, feels or has a sense of fraternity with regards to what goes on within any one person. Will there be judgment? Might anyone use someone's thoughts as examples for others to learn what not to do, or think? These are the risks. There are also rewards in sharing with others. Loneliness is temporarily minimized. Others who think alike may be found. Ideas can develop. And a very important one is: something tangible is left behind. A unique contribution that can only be made by one individual. A treasure for humankind.
This is to me, the equivalent of publishing a book. It can be a training ground to develop a style for conveying what flows from my mind. Scary. But, I will fight this feeling because I know that I can grow and become a better person by sharing some thoughts, from the wealth of synapses that comprise my brain.