Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Optimus Prime

The name of the leader of the Transformers is Optimus Prime.  He is the ultimate hero.  Fair, compassionate, caring, objective, strong, etc.  What a concept!  My alter ego!  I hope I grow up to be "just like him"!  Entertaining movie.  Has many moments.  Spielberg thought it out well.  Go see it!


The tempest of my life explode
A realization time forebode
The violin nay played life's strife
The prayers for me had spared the knife

The rain that fell upon my chains
Were blessings that caressed my skin
Some eyes were good, some eyes were vain
In time I learned they were my kin

The questions swam within my soul
Who was my id? Should I endure?
To find the answers was my goal
A tragic end this would procure

Was Titus' fate my future's lot?
Was Hamlet's doubt what I had bought?
Valjean's redemption's what I seek
Valhamtus's thus the man you'll meet

I wrote this poem a while back (this is actually a re-post) and it didn't get any attention...was it too difficult to understand?  I hope it not.  I don't write poems was my first attempt and is what it is.  Songs are more the kind of thing I for those who enjoy poems...I hope you like this one!

Debunking the Mystery

There is no mystery here. This is the man behind the pen. I am a mere writer of blogs and songs, nothing more, nothing less...