Monday, April 24, 2006

Elections in Peru

If choosing between two evils was the only consideration in the case of the presidential elections in Peru, the choice would not be so difficult.  But the fact that nobody can foresee the future makes this choice a very difficult one.  Most people seem to have decided to choose the lesser of two evils, namely voting for a "known" evil such as Alan Garcia.  But the other choice, Mr. Ollanta Humala is easily disregarded simply because he has taken a stand to support the people of poor means; in other words, the majority of Peruvians.  I've heard he has threatened to become a dictator and to take companies away from their owners by making them part of the government.  This clearly scares those with means and investments in the country.  I do not blame them.  I simply wish to point out that the majority of Peruvians may vote for change.  And that means Mr. Ollanta Humala.  Lets pray that whatever the outcome is in these elections, it is a government that will be just and will promote the growth of the whole country.

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